Thompson Jacket Navy


In 2004 inspired by the books and letters of Hunter S  Thompson most notably "Fear and Loathing in America: The Brutal Odyssey of an Outlaw Journalist 1968–1976"

Six Eight Seven Six  developed a collection which would reference but modernise classic American workwear styles; utilising & developing these garments with new details, trims and producing them in unique & progressive hybrid technical fabrics.

One of these styles was the Thompson jacket which we have decided to produce again  as part of our Scotland Project.  

Fabric : "Dry Wax" Herringbone 100% cotton from Dundee's Halley Stevenson

Inspired by our 1910 patent for waterproofing textiles, this finish is a combination of our driest wax and soft aero tumbling. This emulsified wax finish is perfect for lightweight breathable and weather repellent garments. It can be used unlined and will offer a soft aged appearance, keeping all the character of natural cotton. This fabric is washable, line dried and light iron. This Flyweight military herringbone is made with organic cotton and finished with dry wax. It is rain resistant has a cool handle and will have a slight patina overtime.

 Corozo Buttons custom dyed by Courtney & Co 

 Made In Scotland :   Sample only available : special price 

Standard 6876 sizing:

Chest :  Small 54cm Medium 56 cm Large 58cm Extra Large 60cm XXL 62cm 

Centre Front : Small 66.5cm Medium 68cm Large 69.5cm Extra Large 71cm XXL 72.5cm

Sleeve Length : Small 63 cm Medium 64 cm Large 65 cm Extra Large 66cm XXL 67cm 







type: Clothing by: 6876
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