Brecon Ventile Edition 2019


Classic Six Eight Seven Six outerwear style previously produced in a number of different cloths but this time we are incorporating into the second phase of the Black project by producing in L19 Ventile 240 grams and the next weight up from the quality used in the recent Capandula production.

Ventile is windproof, breathable waterproof cotton fabric ideal for outerwear garments. Ventile have produced high quality cotton fabrics for the Military and Outdoor clothing manufacturers since the late 1930's and in the fashion and over the last three decades for the fashion and luxury goods sectors.

A high grade cotton fabric which is spun, twisted, woven and dyed/finished in Switzerland following the highest quality standards. The yarns are made of purely extra long staple fibres (only 2% of world crop). These twisted yarns are being woven in such a tight manner that the finished fabric withstands harsh weather conditions (rain showers and strong winds. The natural cotton fibre enables a wearing comfort (breathability), which can never be reached with synthetic materials. Soft handle and natural esthetical look are other plus factors of this fabric. 


Taped seams which are constructed also from Ventile 

Lampo Black Oxodised reverse coil zips,Black oxidised studs, cord stops and adjusters. 

Manufactured in Portugal.

RRP £485 :: Deposit £195 Delivery October 

complimentary Black project Zine & Tape. 

All Pre orders receive 10% discount on the second payment 


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